Love To Bring

People Together

About Us

At TheLocal, we love to bring people together. We take pride in establishing our very own e-commerce platform for Bangladesh, helping to connect our customers and merchants in a fast and easy step.

For the customers, it is about a lifestyle where ordering your favorite product can be done with the click of a button. No longer will you have to wait in ques or find time to visit different stores in your increasingly busy schedule. In a modern society where time is scarce, TheLocal helps our customers to discover the best Bangladesh has to offer all in the palm of their hands while savings them time and money through our discount alliance with our merchants.

For the merchants, why let your store location or technology access define your success? At TheLocal, we are bringing our customers to your store steps from all over the world. Why worry about how to track your business performances and earnings when your sole focus should be to create and provide the best product available? At TheLocal, we will provide you the latest tools needed to manage your business. Know your best selling products, see how much profit you are making and know how your business is performing in one simple application . What’s more, no longer will you have to worry about electronic transactions and Credit Cards payments. We have you covered!

Be part of TheLocal family today! See what all the fuss is about!